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Thomson, Illinois

Have you ever considered the consequences of losing power in your home for more than a few hours?

What about a few days, a week or even longer?

Let me tell you: It's more than just an inconvenience, it can be a serious--potentially deadly--threat to you and your family.

Hi, my name is Bill Heid. I'm the president and owner of Powerful Living. We are located at 815 West Main Street in Thomson, Illinois (right across from City Hall and the Police Station) and our phone number is: 815-259-4552.

I'm telling you all this because I want you to know I'm a real person, running a real business, in a real location. I have--perhaps like you--a family I care deeply about... and lately... I have been having some major concerns about their safety.

You see, there's a very real, looming threat we, as Americans, are all facing today...

Power Outages Due To Disasters...
Both Natural And Man-Made!

Every year, natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, snow storms and ice storms wreak havoc all across the country leaving millions of people without power.

For example, awhile back, while doing some research on outages, I pulled this quick snapshot from just a 4 month period:

In September 2008, it was major nationwide news when Hurricane Ike slammed in to the Gulf Coast of Texas, devastating Galveston and leaving 10,000 of its residents without a home... and... more than 2.5 million people in the Greater Houston area without power. But what's less well known, is that a full 13 days after Ike made landfall, nearly 1/4th of the residents in Houston (the 4th largest city in the U.S.) were still without power.

And still further, most don't realize that Ike also caused well over a million people to lose power in: Louisiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri, Illinois... and... even as far away as Western Pennsylvania and Ontario, Canada.

Unpredictable Electricity In Ice Storms

Then there was the December 2008 ice storm of New England and Upstate New York that knocked out power to millions of people in those regions. It was the most severe ice storm in 21 years and left more than 100,000 people in the dark nearly a week after it hit.

Just a month later, in January of 2009 a major ice storm blasted parts of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky... producing power outages for over 2 million people. In Kentucky (which was one of the hardest hit areas) the ice storm claimed 24 lives... most due to carbon monoxide poisoning from power generators or kerosene heaters being used indoors.

These events--although major--are just the highlights from a four-month period. Recently, in late 2012, The U.S. Department of Energy reported that Hurricane (or Superstorm) Sandy knocked out power to more than 8.2 million homes and businesses.

And just year before, Hurricane Irene topped that with just shy of 8.38 million homes and businesses losing power.

Truly, once you start researching these power outage events, they seem nearly endless.

And I could go on and on for pages, but there's no need. The bottom line is: Almost no matter where you live in the U.S., it's not a matter of "if" you will be affected by some sort of natural disaster and lose power...

It's Only A Matter Of "When"!

However, it's my belief--and I'm certainly not alone on this--that the coming man-made outages could be far more disastrous than anything Mother Nature throws at us in the near future.

Here are the reasons why:

Our nation's power grid (which sends electricity to every state, county, city, neighborhood and house in America) is completely interconnected and highly vulnerable to collapse... especially during times of high demand.

All it takes is failure in one area--which can be caused by lightning strikes, simple equipment failure, operator error or transmission lines sagging and shorting out on trees--to cause a "domino effect" of failures over large areas.

It happened in 2003, when trees (in a rural area of Ohio) shorted out some lines, ultimately causing a cascading failure of more than 256 power plants... leading to the largest blackout in history. Called the Northeast Blackout of 2003, it left 55 million people without power in 8 U.S. States and parts of Canada.

You've also got Obama to worry about, who said this awhile back in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle...

"Under my plan of a cap and trade system,
electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket."

Doesn't that alarm you? If not, it should.

I mean, if he gets his way (and if recent history is any indicator, he very well may), his "energy plan" will (self-admittedly) literally force us to pay more for electricity... a doubling or tripling of electricity costs easily... and maybe more. Which is sure to cause shortages.

And last, but certainly not least, an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event, whether natural or initiated by low-life terrorists...

Could Throw The Whole Country Back To The 19th Century Almost Instantly!

The resulting chaos that would ensue if that were to happen is nearly unimaginable.

In any case, whether the power loss is caused by Mother Nature or is a man-made catastrophe, the only person you can truly count on is yourself to come to the rescue. The government proved that with its response--or non-response--to Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

In fact, I watched a show on The Weather Channel titled, "When Weather Changed History: Hurricane Katrina"... where one news reporter explained the situation like this...

"We went from a modern, Internet-driven society
to third-world country in the space of 9 hours."

All this being the case, and because of my growing alarm for the safety of the good people of our country--and my own family, friends and customers--I commissioned a book that will tell you how you can have the protection, security and convenience of a solar-powered, self-sufficient, off-the-grid lifestyle when the power inevitably goes out. It's titled...

Solar Energy Breakthroughs
How New Solar Power Alternatives Can Come To Your Rescue When An Outage Or Disaster Strikes And Provide An Endless Supply Of Free Electricity The Rest Of The Time

This book is a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about making the leap to solar power. It's full of checklists, questions and resources that will help you determine which options are right for you and your situation.

Here is a small sample of what you'll discover in each chapter...

CHAPTER 1: How To Assess Your Risk

  • 3 reasons why blindly relying on the power grid is a very bad idea... Pages 9-10 Relying On The Power Grid Can Leave You Without Power
  • How an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) or solar storm could cause a major blackout across the entire U.S. lasting 12 months or more. (Most scientists agree that a large-scale solar event is inevitable, if not imminent. In other words, it's just a matter of when, not if.) Pages 10-11
  • 4 other risks that threaten our substandard power grid... Pages 11-12
  • How a computer hacker working in his basement could easily shut down the new generation smart-grid and smart-meter systems... Page 12
  • How you can safeguard yourself and your family from the danger, chaos and strife that result from large scale power outages... Pages 12-13

CHAPTER 2: How To Choose Between Traditional and Alternative Energy Backup Power Systems

  • Gas Generators are not as user-friendly as solar generators5 disadvantages of using diesel or gas-powered generators as a backup power system at home. (Although useful in large-scale, critical service businesses and institutions, the drawbacks outweigh the benefits in a residential setting... especially in an extended blackout situation.) Pages 14-15
  • 6 ways solar-powered backup systems out-gun fuel-powered generators in the long-run. (Most people don't know that the latest generation solar panels are capable of generating power throughout virtually the entire day... even if... it's cloudy outside.) Page 15
  • Another major advantage of solar-powered systems over gas or diesel... Page 16
  • Why solar-powered systems--although costing more initially--provide power at a lower cost per kilowatt hour than gas or diesel-powered systems over an extended period of time... Page 16
  • The #1 reason to choose a solar-powered backup system over any and all other options... Page 17

CHAPTER 3: Permanent or Portable -- Which Solar System Is Best For You?

when safely relocating be wary of nuclear plant locations
  • A quick "101" explanation of permanent backup solar power systems... Page 18
  • A quick "101" explanation of portable backup solar power systems.... Page 19
  • The pros and cons of a permanent solar system... Pages 19-20
  • The pros and cons of a portable solar system... Page 20
  • 5 other factors to consider that determine whether a permanent of portable solar power backup system (or both) are right for you and your circumstances... Pages 20-21

CHAPTER 4: Just The Essentials

  • 9 critical (Tier 1) power items you'll need to keep running during an outage... Pages 22-23
  • How to quickly calculate (using "Survival Math") the size of the solar backup system you'll need to power your Tier 1 items... Pages 23-26
  • A few alternative heating sources that work independently of your solar power backup system. (These can make a great addition to your survival kit.) Page 24
  • An extra step you may want to take if you have a well pump to ensure you don't overload your backup system on startup. (NOTE: Many well pumps and furnaces draw 3 to 5 times more power to start them up then they do to run them.)

CHAPTER 5: Understanding The Differences Between AC and DC Power

  • A quick definition of AC electrical power... Page 27
  • A quick definition of DC electrical power... Page 27
  • Why, typically, you will only require AC power for you home... and... how backup solar generators provide it. (They also supply DC just in case, but, for most people, that feature is unnecessary.) Pages 27-28

CHAPTER 6: How To Set up A Permanent Solar Panel System

when safely relocating be wary of nuclear plant locations
  • 9 questions that will help you determine the extent of the job of setting up a permanent solar panel system... Page 29
  • A quick explanation of the 2 ways to set up a permanent solar panel system. (You can either choose to connect it to an inverter battery bank or connect it directly into the grid. Both have their merits and you'll have to decide which is right for you and your situation.)... Pages 30-31
  • The pros and cons of the battery backup system... Page 31
  • The pros and cons of the direct-to-grid system... Pages 31-32
  • How to save money on electricity with both types of systems... Pages 32-33
  • The minimum power requirements you need from a portable solar generator to ensure your and your family's safety in an emergency... Page 34

CHAPTER 7: How To Set Up A Portable Solar Panel System

when safely relocating be wary of nuclear plant locations
  • The main benefit portable solar panel systems have over permanent ones... Page 35
  • The 2 basic components of portable solar panel systems... and... how to set them up... Page 35
  • 5 features you'll want on any portable solar panel system you choose... Page 36
  • How to find the ideal location to set-up your portable system... Page 36
  • Why you should run your heavy-load appliances (like your refrigerator) in cycles lasting a few hours... Page 37
  • How to determine whether you need multiple portable units... Page 37

CHAPTER 8: Getting Out Of Dodge

  • 4 emergency situations--both natural and otherwise--where having a portable generator could literally save your life. (All of these situations are very real. They have happened before--often many, many times--and will happen again. Some of these events are even increasing in intensity and frequency.) Page 38
  • when safely relocating be wary of nuclear plant locations3 ways a portable solar generator makes camping not only safer, but, infinitely more enjoyable. (Not everyone likes to "rough it" you know... and... you can actually extend your trip into the wild by providing greater safety and comfort at a home base cabin or cottage.) Page 39
  • Why, if you have a cabin or cottage, you may want to install a permanent solar system in it... Page 40

CHAPTER 9: How To Create A Self-Sufficient Home

  • A quick checklist for rating your family's self-sufficiency. (You'll probably be surprised at how helpless you'd be rendered if outside sources of food, water, power, etc. disappeared for more than a few days.) Page 41
  • when safely relocating be wary of nuclear plant locations3 ways to ensure an adequate and ongoing--beyond a mere few days--source of fresh, healthy, nutrition-packed food in a crisis situation. (You'll also get a handy guide of how long various foods can be stored.) Pages 41-43
  • The most self-sufficient way to provide an ongoing supply of clean water for drinking, cooking and bathing! (NOTE: Emergency experts recommend that you have at least 2 gallons per person for a 72-hour emergency kit at all times.) Page 43
  • 4 ways to keep your home cool in an extended crisis situation. (Especially important if you live in a southern climate.) Pages 44-45
  • 4 ways to keep your home warm in an extended crisis situation. (Especially important if you live in a northern climate.) Pages 45-46
  • 2 unique passive systems that both help warm and cool your home... Page 46

CHAPTER 10: Conservation Basics

when safely relocating be wary of nuclear plant locations
  • How energy conservation techniques produce 5 times the return on the money you spend on renewable energy... Page 48
  • 22 cheap (and mostly very easy) energy conservation tactics you can start putting to use immediately to save on your energy bills... Pages 48-49
  • 9 economic conservation tactics you can use to save on your energy bills. (These measures require an initial investment... but... they also add value to your property and lifestyle at the same time.) Pages 52-54
  • 7 extreme conservation tactics that result in the highest energy savings possible. (1 or more of these may or may not be right for your situation. This section will give you all the information you need to decide.) Page 50
  • The #1 thing you need to do before you make any investments in conservation. (This inexpensive and simple step may help you avoid overspending on whatever level of conservation tactics you choose.) Pages 50-51

CHAPTER 11: Maintaining Your Standard Of Living

  • A simple questionnaire that will allow you to assess your current lifestyle to see what you'll need during a long-when safely relocating be wary of nuclear plant locationsterm, major power outage to survive and maintain your sanity. (This form will take you beyond your basic Tier 1 survival needs of food, water, shelter, etc.)
  • A quick primer on solar water heating systems. (These systems are popular in China, India and Europe already, but they're quickly becoming popular in North America, as well.) Pages 54-56
  • What you need to know about sanitation... and... how to ensure you can maintain your preferred standard of living in a sustainable way... Pages 56-57

CHAPTER 12: The Everyday Benefits Of Solar Power

  • How solar power adds to the green factor in a way generally considered less intrusive than wind power... Page 58
  • How solar power let's you make money back by selling energy back to the grid... Pages 58-59
  • How long it takes (on average) to breakeven on your initial solar panel investment and start putting money back into your pocket... Pages 59-60
  • An example that illustrates how much solar panels will bump up the overall value of your home. (Over time, they can result in a significant rate of return on your investment.)... Page 60
  • How solar panels can allow you to lock-in your electricity rates at a stable price for the next few decades. (This is especially important considering energy costs--from all sources--are on a steep rise.)

CHAPTER 13: Maintenance And Longevity

when safely relocating be wary of nuclear plant locations
  • How modern solar panels are designed and constructed... Page 63
  • 2 questions you should ask of any solar panel manufacturer to keep maintenance to a bare minimum... Page 64
  • 2 considerations you must take into account if you are installing roof-mounted panels... Page 64
  • How to keep your solar panels clean to ensure they generate the maximum amount of energy possible. (This is more of a concern in urban areas than in rural.) Page 64
  • When you should and when you should not let snow melt off of your panels naturally... Page 64
  • How long typical solar panel systems last... Page 65
  • How long batteries will last in a typical solar generator system... and... two important things you should do when/if the need for replacement arises... Pages 65-66
  • How to provide security for your solar panel system. (This is important because they are increasing becoming a hot commodity on the black market.) Pages 66-67

CHAPTER 14: Budgeting For Solar Power

  • How much--roughly--a solar panel system will cost... both permanent and portable. (I say "roughly" because costs can vary depending on the style of panel, size, installation configuration and your location. This'll give you a general idea, though.) Pages 68-69
  • How to determine--since costs are coming down over time--if "now" is the right time to take the leap into solar power. (True, technological advances have--and will continue--to cause price drops in solar and solar installation... but... there are other factors to consider as well that may make it make more sense to get started with solar now.) Pages 69-70
  • How find out everything you need to know about rebates and incentives offered to families and individuals choosing to go solar... Pages 70-71
  • 4 tips for avoiding solar panel scams. (Unfortunately, just like any other home improvement project, solar panel installation attracts its fair share of shady contractors.) Page 73
  • Why--in most cases--DIY (do-it-yourself) solar panel systems are a bad idea... Pages 73-74

CHAPTER 15: Amazing "Solar Generator" Is Like Having A
Secret Power Plant Hidden In Your Home

when safely relocating be wary of nuclear plant locations
  • How the PowerSource 1800 solar backup generator can provide an endless supply of FREE electricity that's automatically stored for use when you need it most... like a very efficient home power plant... Page 124
  • How the 1800's plug-n-play technology allows you to set it up in a few minutes and start running AC & DC appliances anywhere, anytime... Page 125
  • Why the PowerSource 1800 is superior to gas generators... Page 123
  • How the 1800 is the perfect "get out of town" companion that'll ensure you have power in any area... at any time... in any situation... Page 124
  • A list of essential appliances the 1800 will easily run in an emergency situation... Page 131
  • Why the 1800 is totally safe to use with sensitive electronics... Page 130
  • How the 1800 can help you complete jobs around the house and yard... Page 138

CHAPTER 16: How To Turn Your Home Into A Private Micro-Grid

when safely relocating be wary of nuclear plant locations
  • How to have enough backup energy to dramatically slash your electric bill and maybe get off-the-grid for good... Page 144
  • A solar back-up system that, once installed, uses a single switch to take you off-the-grid and power all your Tier-1 emergency electrical needs. (More importantly, if the grid goes down at any time, this back-up system will take over automatically and seamlessly begin providing power to your predetermined circuits... so... you're never without power!) Page 147
  • How to get a 30% rebate from the federal government on solar equipment you install on your new or existing primary residence. (Currently, there is no dollar limit on the rebate... but... it is set to expire on December 31, 2016. So, you need to take advantage of it while you can!) Page 148
  • How to finance a complete solar system so you can enjoy all the benefits of solar energy today... and... amortize your costs over time... Page 148

This book has absolutely no fluff or filler. Just 162 concise pages that will give you all the information you need to decide if now is the right time to make the leap to solar power... and... make your life and your family's lives infinitely safer.

The practical, uncensored information in this book is not a luxury but a necessity for anyone considering solar power.

But rather than go on and on about all the amazing benefits the book contains, I'll let you see for yourself at no risk whatsoever with my simple...

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